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About us

Katie and Rosie met while working together at the teacher training organisation, Teach First, training teachers in the West Midlands. They quickly bonded over their passion for the Early Years. After having their own children, they decided that now was the time to put their thinking into action using all of their learning and experience to develop a high-quality Early Years nursery and family support.

a photo of Katie

Katie is a qualified teacher and has taught in schools across Warwickshire and Coventry. She has always been passionate about children’s early education and before training to become a teacher she worked in nurseries and schools whilst studying for an Early Years Education degree at Warwick University. Since becoming a teacher, Katie has taught, led and managed a range of Early Years and Primary School settings, most recently working as a Headteacher of a Warwickshire Primary School. Through all the knowledge gained during these experiences, and from having her own child, Katie knows the importance of Early Years Education and the role of parents during these fundamental years – she now wants to use her knowledge and skills to provide bespoke support to children and their families.

a photo of Rosie

Rosie is also a qualified teacher having taught in London and Coventry. She trained through the Teach First programme, having completed a degree in Geography at Nottingham University. For the past few years, Rosie has been working at Teach First and most recently Ambition Institute thinking hard about how adults and children learn best and what this means for teachers. She has used this knowledge to develop national teacher training programmes for teachers new to the profession and also for those more experienced. She is now excited to put her thinking back into action through developing a high-quality nursery and family support.

Rosie and Katie still work with schools and organisations to help improve their Early Years knowledge and more general teaching practice. For more information see our consultancy page.

Our vision

The children that we work with are nurtured to develop a foundation of knowledge, skills and beliefs to become self-aware, compassionate and confident learners who are interested in people and the world around them.

Our mission

We will achieve the vision through providing a high quality research-informed, intimate early years setting and work with parents and carers to equip them with the knowledge, skills and confidence to support their child to thrive.

Our values

  • Expertise underpins everything that we do
  • We nurture the children and adults that we work with
  • We are inquisitive and open-minded to improve the services we provide

Education advisors

Katie and Rosie are committed to ensuring that their practice is continually reflected on and improved. In order to facilitate this, they are advised by a board of education experts that meet termly to discuss what high quality education looks like in the Early Years and what this means for The Nurture Room. These include people from schools, private nurseries and Early Years experts at Ambition Institute, Teach First and the Department For Education.